6 Reasons Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney

Thanks to well-structured DIY kits, a lot of people are undertaking tasks and projects that were formerly the exclusive domain of licensed professionals. This even includes filing for bankruptcy on your own. While there is no statute forbidding you from handling your own bankruptcy case, it’s not recommended. This blog explains why you should seek assistance from a bankruptcy attorney during this pivotal time in your life.

1.  Accurate assessment of your financial situation

A bankruptcy attorney has the training and experience to examine your financial situation and determine whether filing is the recommended option for you. Depending on your monthly cash flow and obligations, there may be an alternative to bankruptcy. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, an attorney can make sure you understand both your responsibilities and rights first.

2.  Advice on which chapter to file

The majority of individual debtors file under Chapter 7 or 13, although in certain circumstances they also file Chapter 11. It’s not a simple matter of choosing one, though- your income, household size, and amount of debt can open some options to you while closing off others. This is all information that a bankruptcy attorney can share with you, so there are no expensive filing errors.


3.  Paperwork will be accurate

Filing for bankruptcy means filling out a lot of paperwork that must be accurate and complete. Otherwise the petition can be rejected, costing you more time and money. You also need to submit supporting documentation with your applications. Your attorney can ensure that everything is properly prepared before you submit your petition to the bankruptcy court.

4.  You will understand what to expect

If you’ve never filed for bankruptcy before, it can be difficult to know what to expect. Your attorney can advise you on what questions a judge may ask, how to answer them, and what to expect at the 341 meeting of creditors. Being armed with this kind of knowledge will make the entire process less intimidating.

5.  Creditor and collector harassment stops

When you file your bankruptcy petition, your attorney can contact your creditors and get you to route all collector calls to them instead, eliminating the stress of dealing with all of these parties yourself. Your attorney can also handle it when any creditor breaches the automatic stay, a process that can be too complicated for an individual to handle.

6.  You have peace of mind.

A bankruptcy attorney lets you know what to expect and guides you through the paperwork and court appearances. You don’t have to worry about rejected petitions, not knowing the answers to important questions, or any other situations detrimental to your case.

When you hire an experienced and competent bankruptcy attorney like B. David Sisson, you will have a committed advocate who will make the process less stressful and prevent you from making errors that can cost you your case. Don’t jeopardize your right to fresh start: contact the Law Offices of B. David Sisson for a no-obligation consultation today.

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