Why You Should Hire a Board-Certified Bankruptcy Attorney

There are times when you want to work with a specialist. If you were having brain surgery, your doctor would be a neurosurgeon. When you’re filing for bankruptcy to begin anew financially, you deserve the experienced guidance of a board-certified bankruptcy attorney.

What Does Board-Certified Mean?

The American Board of Certification (ABC) is an organization that strives to heighten the quality of the bankruptcy legal services available to the public. To accomplish this goal, it has rigorous certification programs in place to identify and recognize bankruptcy attorneys who have met high standards in the following areas:

  • Experience in bankruptcy law
  • Commitment to continuing legal education
  • Professional integrity
  • Peer review

To become an ABC-certified bankruptcy specialist, an attorney must have practiced for at least five years. They must also:

  • Devote no less than one-third (30%) of their practice to consumer bankruptcy law
  • Have spent at least 400 hours per year representing debtors during the three years prior to applying for certification
  • Have been substantially involved in at least 30 contested bankruptcy matters or adversary proceedings

Other requirements include:

  • Completing a comprehensive examination
  • Participating in at least 60 hours of continuing legal education over a period of three years
  • Providing professional references from other bankruptcy attorneys and opposing counsel

Even after a bankruptcy attorney becomes board-certified, they must apply for recertification every five years. This requirement ensures that the attorney maintains the high professional and ethical standards associated with certification. Not every lawyer can do this, which is why those who are board-certified stand out.man adjusting his tie

Advantages of Working With a Board-Certified Bankruptcy Attorney

When you work with a board-certified bankruptcy attorney, you have an advocate who has demonstrated an advanced level of experience and skill in bankruptcy law. They have undergone extensive testing and received high levels of validation from their legal peers. The bankruptcy court handling your case and the opposing counsel will all know that your rights are being protected by a skilled and experienced professional.

If you are filing for bankruptcy in Oklahoma, you deserve for your future to be in the best hands possible. Attorney B. David Sisson is one of the few board-certified bankruptcy attorneys in the state and will use his advanced training and experience to make a positive difference in the outcome of your case. He also cares about the well-being of his clients and will provide you with personalized advice that addresses your situation. For more information, please contact the Law Offices of B. David Sisson.

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