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If you have received a notification from your mortgage company that they are placing your home in foreclosure, you are likely very concerned. Don’t lose your home without a fight—we offer custom foreclosure defense in Oklahoma.

We have been successfully defending against foreclosures since 1990, and will use all of our knowledge and experience to help protect your Oklahoma home.

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If you’re unable to meet your mortgage payments, and the collection calls, letters, and emails are getting aggressive, you may find yourself close to screaming, “help me save my house from foreclosure!” We have good news for you. It is often possible to prevent the loss of your home if you put forth a strong legal defense. Read on to find out more about how to stop foreclosure and keep your home, even if you have fallen on hard times and are lagging on your payments.

If you want to speak to a foreclosure attorney, free consultation and advice is just a call away. Call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us to learn what your options are when it comes to stopping the foreclosure process. If you have ever wondered, “can a lawyer stop foreclosure?”, we’re happy to say that a successful foreclosure defense is possible - if you get the right legal advice. We are deeply familiar with Oklahoma foreclosure law, and we have helped many people with effective foreclosure defenses. We would love the opportunity to help you too, with our experience in foreclosure defense. Let’s talk about your situation and find out together which defense works best for you and your family.

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How to Stop a Foreclosure

Most people who find themselves in foreclosure are there because they are having larger money issues. Because of this, one of the most common and most successful ways to halt a foreclosure is to declare bankruptcy. OKC is no exception to this: once you file for bankruptcy, the foreclosure process must be stopped until your case has gone through the courts. Bankruptcy is not the best foreclosure defense for everyone, but it may be right for you - a foreclosure defense attorney can help you decide whether this is the right approach to your problem.

Resolve other financial issues.

The bankruptcy process can get your debt erased, reduced, or rearranged into a more manageable payment plan. Either way, this will help to resolve the other financial issues that brought you close to foreclosure, and put you in a position where you will be able to keep up with your monthly payments.

Make adjustments to your financial situation.

A successful declaration of bankruptcy can also make adjustments to your current situation, so you can exit your bankruptcy without being behind on your mortgage. Whenever possible, using bankruptcy to help avoid foreclosure is a great option.

Other Foreclosure Defense

If you want to know how to stop foreclosure, you should be aware that bankruptcy isn’t the only way to defend against foreclosure. In order to stop foreclosure, attorney advice may consider other routes, such as analyzing the mortgage itself and the foreclosure language. If you seek foreclosure defense, OKC has a number of good law practices who can support you with varying foreclosure attorney fees.

The following foreclosure defense scenarios can also be very helpful in certain situations. Review each of these foreclosure defense options, and speak with us if you think you may qualify for any of them. We will be happy to review your case and will do all we can help to save your home.

Terms of Mortgage
Terms of Mortgage

Sometimes loans are issued with harsh interest and conditions that border on loan shark practices, and the law frowns upon this. If your mortgage terms can be shown to be unconscionable, the courts can force the foreclosure process to stop and new mortgage terms to be agreed upon. This can also reduce your interest rate and provide other benefits. It is not very common to win a foreclosure defense using this strategy, but in certain cases, it is the right option. A foreclosure attorney can help you suss out if this is a strategy you should consider.

Active Duty
Service Member on Active Duty

If you are a member of the armed forces on active duty, you have some special rights thanks to the Service members Civil Relief Act. The main goal of the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA for short) is to protect military personnel so they can "devote their entire energy to the defense needs of the Nation." SCRA applies to all Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy service members on active duty, as well as several other members of the armed forces while they are on active duty.

Learning about these rights can help to save your home. 

Improper Procedure
Improper Procedures

Oklahoma requires that mortgage companies follow specific procedures when foreclosing on someone’s home. An experienced foreclosure defense attorney will be able to identify whether or not those procedures were followed correctly. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise you into what is the best way to protect your home from foreclosure.


When does it make sense to file for bankruptcy?

Many people struggle financially for months or even years trying to stay afloat. While bankruptcy should never be rushed into, it is also an important financial tool that can help you get back on your feet.

There are many situations where declaring bankruptcy can be a huge benefit.