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Getting to know the law offices of B. David Sisson

The Law Offices of B David Sisson is a boutique law firm that employs a number of the most experienced bankruptcy professionals in Oklahoma. While some may look at bankruptcy as a negative process, we know that it can be a powerful and helpful tool for overcoming challenging financial issues, and to position yourself and your business strongly for the future. Working with our team, you will be treated with dignity and respect no matter what your situation is. Our goal is to help take you from your financial position today and improve it, with as little pain as possible throughout the process.

Getting to Know Your Legal Team

When going through a bankruptcy, you need to know that you have people you can trust on your side. The first step toward building that trust is taking a little time to get to know the people who will be working hard on your case. Click each of the following links to visit a page about our attorney, legal assistants or paralegals.

Areas of Law

We are able to help you through any type of bankruptcy issue you are facing. When you come in for a no-obligation consultation, we will go over the different bankruptcy options available to you based on the specific situation you are in. Click these links to learn more about the different types of bankruptcy, as well as other key elements of consumer protection law:

Don’t Endure Another Sleepless Night | Get the Help You Need

The months (or even years) leading up to a bankruptcy can be some of the most stressful of your life. Trying to keep your financial head above water can make it difficult to think about anything but money! Don’t let the false stigma surrounding bankruptcy rob you of your peace of mind. Get in touch with us to schedule a no-obligation consultation so you can learn about all your options and begin moving in a positive direction right away.


Bankruptcy Betterment: A Guide to the Types of People and Entities Which Can Benefit from a Bankruptcy

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